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The Greeks experienced that welcoming strangers brought happiness and peace. Happiness and peace were considered to be signs of divine presence and this, a stranger was seen as a sign that the divine had entered their lives. Scripture notes many similarities to the Greek tradition - where hospitality becomes linked with journeying - a search for God.

Since the Second Vatican Council there has been a greater emphasis on the community dimension of Christian life. We are indeed a pilgrim people and as such, the importance of hospitality can be underscored in the church today. A people or a community needs to have a ministry of hospitality. In a very real sense, each member of the community is called to be hospitable, but there is a need for certain people to offer hospitality in the name of the entire community.

Role of the Greeter in the Liturgy

Your first purpose is "to be the presence of Christ" to the gathering community. You are usually the first friendly face a stranger sees. As you welcome the assembly, offer them an Order of Worship. You may also be requested to bring forward the bread and wine during the Presentation of the Gifts if the assigned family fails to attend.

Practices and Procedures

  • Make every attempt to attend your scheduled Mass on your appointed date. It is important to find a replacement if you cannot attend.
  • Be at your station early - at least 30 minutes before Mass begins.
  • Sign in a the Ministry station.
  • You may reserve a place in the assembly for you and your family by placing the "Reserved for Liturgical Minister" cards in your pew.
  • Greet and smile! Be first to say hello, it is your job to make people feel welcomed.
  • Offer everyone an Order of Worship.
  • At the beginning of the Liturgy, take your reserved place with the assembly and participate whole heartedly in the service.
  • Clean up. At the end of the liturgy, help prepare the worship space for the next liturgy. Return hymnals to the pew racks correctly (binding to the top). Collect the remaining copies of the Order of Worship and stack them on the table behind the glass doors. Even if you are not a scheduled greeter it is nice to assist with the straightening up after the Mass you have attended.


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