• Fall 2017 Usher Schedule (pdf)

If you have any questions, or if you would like to become an usher, please call Tom Franzone at 884-5670 or Ron Davis at 856-4950.


  1. Always be approachable by the people -- and you should approach them with no hesitation and direct them.

  3. There should be a Captain Usher and two others at each Mass and at least six at the 9:30 AM Mass.

  5. At all masses escort the Eucharistic Minster to and from the Chapel to retrieve/return the Eucharist.

  6. Note: When escorting the Eucharistic Minister to the altar, use the left isle along the stained glass windows. When escorting from the altar, the Eucharistic Minister will come back in the isle between positions 3 and 4.
  7. Gift Bearers should be out of pew and in place Immediatelyafter the baskets have been distributed. (Do not wait until the basket has reached them. They can put their envelope in the big basket on the table.)

  8. Note: We are to know who they are before start of Mass; if not, have back-up replacements.
  9. Eucharist distribution. DO NOT WAIT! As soon as the priest begins distribution of the Eucharist to the Eucharistic Ministers, the Ushers should go up and have the people ready when the ministers approach their stations. (Even if there are people in the handicap pews, you should have the people out of the pews and ready to approach the minister immediately when he or she is in position.)

  11. DO NOT HAVE BULLETINS available during the distribution of Communion. It is not until the Eucharist has been returned to the tabernacle that there should be any movement by you. Those leaving the Mass early should be told that the bulletins are distributed at the end of Mass.

  13. See the Assignment diagram for specific guidance on usher positions, the collection, communion and passing out the bulletins.

  15. Ushers should be kind and gentle, always vigilant for any situation, and be able to handle any situation with the least possible disruption to the entire community. You should know the location of the Telephone, First Aid Kit, Rest Rooms, and Fire Alarms. Captains to make adjustments to Heat & A/C.

  17. When Mass begins, Ushers should participate fully in the prayers, songs, responses and gestures of the worshipping community.

  19. Please be at least 30 minutes early, male ushers to wear jacket and tie, female and male ushers to wear their usher badges.

  21. If you are unable to cover your scheduled time, please call at least 3 other Ushers to cover for you before calling the Head Ushers.

Usher Diagram

Note the numbers given to the assigned positions.

1. Collection:

  • Use four ushers; use six at the 9:30AM mass.
  • Be standing during the intercession.
  • Position 2 covers the cry room.
  • Position 3 covers the seniors room.
  • Positions 5 and 6 cover the vestibule and people standing.
2. Eucharist:

As soon as the priest begins distribution of Eucharist to the Eucharistic Ministers, the ushers should go up and have the people ready when the ministers approach their stations. (Even if there are people in the handicap pews, you should have people out and ready.)

3. Distribution of Bulletins:

  • Do not go to your position until the priest has passed by, with the exception of 4.
  • Position 1 covers the drinking fountain door.
  • Positions 2 and 3 cover front doors.
  • Position 4 covers side door.
  • Position 5 cover door to Way of the Cross Garden.
4. Usher Captains note the routes taken when escorting the Eucharistic Minister to and from the Chapel.


Every Weekday: 7:00a
Wed: 12 Noon
Saturday: 8:00a
Sunday Vigil: 6:00p Saturday
Sunday: 7:30a, 9:30a, 12:00p, 7:00p
Holy Days: 7:00a ,12:00p, 6:30p
Confession: Saturday 5:00-5:30, or by appointment
First Friday Adoration: 7:30a-5:30p
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